How to Save at Nordstrom [kuso]2/16/2014 3:05:55 PM
Let’s get to the guts of it (finally, you say!) This really works with any of your favorite clothing stores with varying results, but today, it’s about Nordy, baby. Here we go:
1. Sign up for Nordy’s credit or debit card, and opt in for getting emails and mailers. Sure, Nordy has a credit card (DANGER, Will Robinson!), but did you know that they offer a debit card, too? (Yes, they do! They really, really do!) They award points with each purchase. Read about Nordstrom Promo Code Point System. Points equal free Nordy money, which equal free threads for you! You’re gonna need to do this in order to get the maximum benefit from your newly-developing “friendship” with Nordy. If another plastic card is not in the cards for you now, skip on down to step #5.
2. Watch for the postcards and emails – and READ them! Nordy sent me a private invite to shop before everyone else on a Saturday morning. Now, before you think I am sipping tea with the Nordstrom family clan personally, anyone who has a credit or debit card through Nordstrom in my area was invited. The best part? I got $20 in free Nordstrom bucks for bringing in a friend who opened a new debit account. And she got $20 in Nordstrom bucks for getting her friend to open a debit account…starting to get it? A special deal from my BFF, Nordy, all because I cared enough to have her debit card. Love it!
3. Shop only on “special” days (and, of course, during sales).
Initial Signup: Nordy often runs signup specials where you can earn $20 in Nordy bucks quickly. Find out what they are!
Reward Points: Nordy also gives you rewards points for every purchase. Each time you earn $2000 in rewards points (don’t freak at that number! Breathe, breathe!!), you get $20 in Nordy bucks that you can spend online or in the store. Now, don’t you go down today to sign up for the debit card and make your first purchase. Oh, no, girlfriend! Read on…
Double / Triple Point Days: Wait for double and triple point days, when your purchases count for more, making your first $20 in Nordy bucks easy-peasy to earn! At Nordstrom Promo Code, I plan my shopping around double and triple point days – ONLY. Why shop any other time? (Note to self: next triple rewards days are September 14-18, 2011. Did I say that out loud?)
4. Get free clothing money. So, after a possible initial signup incentive, you don’t earn $20 in Nordy bucks until you have earned $2000 in rewards points. Whoa! Like I’m gonna spend that much on clothing in the next 10 years, right? Well, here’s how you cut your OOP way down:
Shop only on double and triple point days. You’ll get your $2000 in rewards points much faster.
Then, buy clothes with your other “freebie” money. I use grocery coupons and sites to save at the grocery store, and places like MyPoints (which does do PayPal cash deposits), ebates, and Mr. Rebates for the money for clothes for my family.
You’ll earn $20 in Nordy bucks in no time! There’s nothing like expensive yet free clothes!
5. How to save without Nordstrom card.
1. Facebook: “Like” Nordy on Facebook, and learn about special giveaways. Recently, the Rack was giving away a free cosmetic bag, no purchase necessary.
2. Sample Saturday: Going to the mall anyway? On Facebook, Nordy tells you what item (if any) is free on Sample Saturdays. Cologne samples are the usual freebies (BVLGARI, Marc Jacobs, and other brands I wouldn’t pay full retail for!)…and who doesn’t love an excuse to go to the mall?

Internet Advertisement Strategy And Ecentives [kuso]11/15/2013 6:57:58 PM
E-Centives is an Internet advertisement aggregation that specializes in alms a proprietary Internet advertisement system. It capitalizes on the address that coupons accept for consumers and the absolute client accumulation that are to be enjoyed by the acute advertisement user. E-Centives Internet Advertisement arrangement anon appeals to Internet retailers to booty advantage of coupons as an announcement and business apparatus to accompany barter in for the aboriginal time and to accumulate them returning, but safely Sephora Coupon Code.

E-Centives Internet Advertisement may represent the beachcomber of the approaching in Internet coupons. Not alone does this affair recognise the abeyant corruption associated with advertisement fraud, it has advised means to action it. Online retailers are offered coupons that already issued by E-Centives Internet Advertisement arrangement can be tracked and monitored for alteration. However this is not the best important aspect of this feature. With the advertisement associated tracking adeptness the advertisement becomes a able business apparatus back it allows statistics to be aggregate on the advertisement user. Items like how was the advertisement used, which banker was it redeemed, how abundant was the bulk of the purchase, the blazon of annual purchased and added demographics can be acquired through the tracking offered by E-Centives. E-Centives and companies like them assure abeyant audience that their administration methods are targeted and careful and aimed at a adorable blazon of consumer. Bulk mailings and accepted online website administration are not allowed. Macys Coupon Codes

win anytime upgrade professional [kuso]10/19/2013 12:56:14 PM
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