(Late) H.R. Ramu
(Late) Prof. N. Vasu
Late M.G. Nagabhushan
(Late) M.S. Vinosh
Karnataka United Sourashtra Organisation (KUSO), with the initiative of Prof. N. Vasu, was established on 1st August 1993, with four founded members - Sri H.R. Ramu, Sri Prof. N. Vasu, Sri M.S. Vinosh and Sri M.G. Nagabhushana. KUSO was started with just 40 members in the biginning. Since its inception KUSO is doing many number of social activities for the upliftment of downtrodden Sourashtra community people.

Just like carnivals it celebrates one Annual Day and two Jadhaga Parivarthanai Melas, every year, to creat a sense of cmmunal unity, which is widely lacking in our Sourashtra community. KUSO publishes one offical journal - Voice of KUSO - for internal circulation, to exhibit the social happenings, news, articles,titbits etc., to benifit the Sourashtra people, every month.

To some extent KUSO attained the goal of communal unity for which KUSO was established. KUSO is knwon every Sourashtrian not only in India but also abroad and grown like a banian tree, covering more than 1500 families.